Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


pSens is a combination of 3 iSens (upto 3200A) and a central computing module on which the 3 line voltages are connected as well. The current sensors can be clicked very easily around the cables to be measured, which brings a significant cost reduction in installation, compared with the conventional measuring systems.

iSense is a sensor that serves to measure alternating current to a maximum of 6000A. It can be simply attached around the cable to be measured and therefore significantly saves installation costs compared to customary measuring systems.

PowerGraph enables you to optimize your electricity bill by rational energy consumption. The system automatically continuously controls 8 different measuring points - such as electricity, gas or water consumption – and facilitates the simple management of your overall energy flow.

WinWatt allows you to communicate in real time with data loggers, locally or on another site. WinWatt can parameterize the data loggers and read out the stored data.
This data can then be visualized in graphs and tables, exported to Excel reports, analyzed for correctness, as the basis for (sub) billing etc, all automatically or manually.

A simple AC voltage controller that switches to external batteries if AC power fails. And therefore provides an alarm via a relay contact.

There is also a second voltage output present with an adjustable voltage, to feed a second device.